We have a vast range of footwear to suit all your equestrian needs, whether it is riding boots for competition or schooling, vellies for everyday use or country boots for all year round, we have you covered. We have top quality boots and shoes for the whole family.
Our fantastic range of footwear has something to suit your needs, so you are bound to find something you love. We make footwear for men, women and children and offer a selection of footwear from size zero (0) up to size seventeen (17) 
Put your Best Foot Forward 
Riding boots are an important piece of equestrian attire. Whether you enjoy hacking out, schooling, doing yard work, or competing, good quality, comfortable riding boots contribute to your safety and comfort as well as supporting your leg for the correct position. 
Having the right footwear for horse riding cannot be understated. Made specifically for riding, boots for men, women and children are available in a wide range of sizes, prices, and styles. Ill-fitting riding boots can negatively impact your safety and enjoyment whilst riding. It is paramount to take this into account when it comes to choosing the right set of riding boots for you or your family. 
Long riding boots  
Sometimes referred to as ‘tall’ riding boots, they are the traditional style of English riding footwear as well as being the standard equestrian footwear for all genders and ages of horse riders. This type of boot comes in different styles, each designed for different uses in the riding discipline: 
  • Field boots. 
  • Dress boots. 
  • Everyday riding or training boots. 
  • Stirrup friendly country boots. 
All long riding boots share obvious similarities in length but vary in fit, aesthetics and functionality. HQE Long riding boots are made from genuine leather uppers with Napa leather lining or fabric lining for demo and economy options. Some styles you will see feature a full-length zip or also elasticated details - creating optimal fit and comfort.  
The discreetly placed zip makes getting the boots on and off easier, making these a preferred option for many riders. When you’re choosing your long boots, remember to make a note of your foot size as well as your calf length and circumference at the widest part, to ensure you buy the ones that will fit you best - be sure to check the size guides! 
Jodhpur Boots 
We offer a wide selection of jodhpur boots that are high quality, excellent value and perfect for riding in. Different models of boots are made available ready to wear or on pre-order in the most popular sizes, these are suitable for adults and children alike. HQE jodhpur boots promise comfort and quality, while still looking smart for any occasion. 
Country Boots 
Whether it is a country walk or out in the yard, our range of country boots will offer you heightened support and comfort. They offer water resistance, durability and are extremely practical whatever the weather may throw at them.  
Yard Boots 
Our selection of Yard Boots offers support and comfort all day. Whether you are doing chores, mucking out, or working in the stables, Yard Boots provide the perfect combination of comfort and style. Whether you need to pop out to the shops or take the dog for a walk, our selection of Yard Boots promises to deliver just as much outside the yard as they do in the stables. Shop for the latest styles from your Favorita equestrian brand. 
Shoes & Vellies 
As part of our range of leisure shoes, we offer a variety of comfortable shoes, perfect for when boots are not needed in or around the yard, or even at shows. 
Gaiters / Half Chaps
At HQ Equestrian we make a variety of gaiters for adults and children, all offering durability and great value. We supply leather and suede chaps in a range of colours. Find fantastic prices on our most popular chaps. If you like, you can pair some chaps with our jodhpur boots. 
Wide Fit & Narrow Fit Boots 
We cater for all sizes within our boot ranges. Wide fit boots allow a more comfortable fit for people who find standard boots a little on the tight side, similarly HQ Equestrian offers boots suitable for long narrow fit, this has been made possible thanks to our years of boot making. 
Boot Care & Accessories 
So, you have found your perfect riding boots or shoes, and now you need to make sure they stay perfect. With the inevitable onslaught of muck heading toward your riding boots, it is important to keep them clean and well maintained, that is where our fantastic range of riding boot care products come in!  
Furthermore, we have an extensive range of riding boot accessories to cater for all your needs too. With products such as spur straps, spur guards, and boot pullers, you are guaranteed to find what you are looking for. You may also be interested in our overall range of leather accessories.                                                    
Riding Boots – Why do YOU need them? 
Whilst riding a horse, it is essential to wear the correct equestrian equipment, as each piece is designed to dramatically increase safety levels for both horse and rider. In the case of riding boots, they also help to increase your control over the horse, making them a particularly crucial piece of equipment. 
Most riding boots have some sort of built-in waterproofing, and varying levels of insulation. Wearing riding boots designed specifically for the current weather conditions will keep your feet dry and regulate their temperature, in turn giving you better sensitivity and therefore allowing better control over your horse. 
The sole unit is an important aspect of all riding boots. Usually constructed with a more pronounced and prominent heel, riding boots should have a heel height average of 2.5cm (about 0.98 in) to prevent the foot from slipping through the stirrup. A thin sole is preferable, as anything too chunky will restrict your dexterity and reduce your ability to feel what you are doing.  
The most important thing to consider when thinking about the construction of these boots is whether they are durable enough to take a knock on the job! A long riding boot should also provide you with close, but comfortable, ankle and lower leg support to prevent strains, and inside calf protection to reduce the impact of rubbing.  
It is also worth noting that for competitive riding events, like dressage and show jumping, suitable riding boots are a legal requirement for all competitors, for the safety reasons set out above. 
The style of boots appropriate for such events will be determined by the guidelines set out for each discipline. If you are new to horse riding, then you may not be aware of quite how many diverse types of horse-riding boot there are.
You may also not be aware of how different styles of boots are more appropriate than others for specific types of riding. It is important to check for guidelines or ask your riding instructor. 
Types of horse-riding boots: 
Field boots –These are a type of English riding boots that reach up the knee. They are distinguished from other boots by the stretchy elastic lacing at the ankle, which offers the rider more flexibility at the instep and ankle. This added flexibility means that these boots are more comfortable when jumping and general riding. An interesting fact about these boots is that they are the style that are used mostly by the mounted police. 
Dress boots –Dress boots are tall equestrian boots that have no lacing. This makes them stiffer than field boots. Sometimes they are equipped with a rear or front zipper, but traditionally they were made without zippers. They are often worn in horse shows as they are stylish. Black is often considered to be the formal colour; however, we see more colour and flair coming into the picture with progression. 
Hunt or top boots –Hunt boots are, as their name suggests, typically worn for hunting. They look like typical tall dress or field boots and are usually black. They also come with a contrasting tan cuff at the top of the shaft. 
Jodhpur boots –Jodhpur or Chelsea boots are short ankle boots that are typically easy to slip on. The modern styles usually utilize elastic insets to help them slip on and off with ease, although a few variations feature zippers or buckles.   
Paddock boots –These are short, laced ankle boots. They are typically worn by children when riding. They are now popular with adults for everyday pleasure riding and are the dictated footwear for saddle-seat style riding. 
Western riding boots –Western riding boots are often known as cowboy boots. They differ from all of the English riding boots above in a few ways. For a start, the heel is generally higher up and the shaft tends to be shorter, meaning they fit more loosely. Most of them tend not to feature laces, however, they always pull on easily and most feature detailed western stitching.  
Making the right decision 
Once you know which distinct types of boots are available to you, you will also want to consider several other factors before deciding which ones to opt for. In fact, you might sometimes opt for a couple of pairs depending on how many different styles of riding you are into. If you are into hunting or jumping competitions, or even working in a riding school or doing dressage, then you would usually require more than one pair of boots to alternate. 

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